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In 2011 we acquired the longstanding New England Homes brand of homes, based out of Greenland, NH.    With our business model and the market rapidly transitioning and shaping we believed that the 50 year old company of New England Homes through aquisition would be a good fit into our line of products.  The name recognition, sales process and dedicated team that has 50 years of effort and refinement would enhance our ability to provide the highest quality of customer service.  We acquired the New England Homes marketing, sales and design team and shifted the production to the Preferred Building Systems plant in Claremont, NH.






Today we have two lines of homes, New England Homes and Preferred Building Systems.   We are often asked, what makes each line unique? Really this comes down to one thing, association of a brand.    Both lines are manufactured in the same production facility on the same production line with the same production teams.   Each home is built to order as specifications for each home is uniquely tailored to the desired outcome of the style, shape and energy performance of the overall project.





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