What is HERS?   HERS stands for Home Energy Rating Score and gives objective meaning to the word "going green" and "energy efficiency".   This measurement is a collection of data points gathered by an independent energy rater through a blower door test, size of the home, light fixtures, heating/cooling equipment and appliances.   The program is part of the Department of Energy's Energy Star for homes program and is an effort to encourage homes to be built with energy efficiency in mind.   The program is designed to better homes energy consumption to be better than what building code mandates.   If a home built to code scored a 100 on the HERS scale, energy star wants homes to be 20% more energy efficient or score an 80.   The average of over 50 homes tested out of our plant is a HERS score of 56.   That means homes from our plant on average are 44% more energy efficient than code.   Contact us today to set up a building science tour where we can show you hands on our methodologies that have earned us such recognized HERS scores.


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