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Any time you build a project that is exposed to the elements you run the risk of weather delays.   By offering our services of building indoors through our modular method we can build year round rain or shine to minimize delays caused by weather.  A builder can schedule his site activities to prepare for the delivery of the home while the home is being built indoors.  The delivery of the home can be coordinated around weather events to get the structure in place quickly and weather tight when the weather is good.   The builder can then have a dry environment to work in to complete the home and coordinate interior and exterior activities more efficiently, reducing exposure to weather events that otherwise could delay the project.


We are a sales, design, and manufacturer that assists the builder to deliver a home to the end buyer.  We work with homeowners and builders on product selections, scope of work and floor plan layout.  Our process works with timelines to deliver a consistent level of quality project to project.   Each project we can do as little or as much interior finish that is planned for.   Levels of finish for projects can range from a shell package with wires, insulation and drywall applied to more complete packages with walls primed, cabinets installed with countertops, sinks and faucets installed.   We have the ability and flexibility to not only customize the design, but also the scope of work to meet various levels of finish for the builder to complete with the homeowner.



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