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Preferred Building Systems began in 2006 with the idea of delivering a better product through a better more efficient delivery method of construction.  Our approach is a holistic approach to building as we believe that a home should not just be focused on how beautiful the kitchen and bath can be, but the importance of what is behind the walls.

In a home, the ability to turn on a light through a light switch is a systematic wiring system.   Same goes for plumbing, structural and load bearing points and also insulation details in the thermal envelope.   In actuality a home is a multitude of systems that make the comforts that we are accustomed to today's standard of living.   Knowing that a home is a system of multiple building systems we knew our name needed to incorporate building systems.   What kind of building systems was our next question and we thought that this type of delivery method has the potential to become the preferred way for builders to deliver homes.   So Preferred Building Systems was born and we took over a former 160,000 square foot facility and tooled the facility to create an assembly line.


Preferred Building Systems is the latest creation of our parent company, LaValley Building Supply's whose mission and philosophy is to enable our builder base to be given the opportunity to have access to the latest and most efficient building methods in order to provide affordable housing.   Since 1964 LaValley Building Supply has been providing pre-assembled wall panels, roof trusses, and building materials to the New England areas.   Today LaValley's has 10 lumber yard stores a sawmill and manufacturing plants throughout Vermont and New Hampshire that give access to builders to materials and building system methods that save time and money for projects.




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